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I upgraded the company vCenter to today, and after doing this I noticed that some of our polling scripts that make use of vim.vm.GuestInfo.NicInfo.network now return the dvSwitch ID instead of portGroup name as before. This used to work perfectly in earlier 6.5.0 versions.

This is what the output of NicInfo looks like:

(vim.vm.GuestInfo.NicInfo) [
   (vim.vm.GuestInfo.NicInfo) {
      dynamicType = <unset>,
      dynamicProperty = (vmodl.DynamicProperty) [],
      network = '57 2a 19 50 d0 ca 1d a8-78 15 6f d6 91 e4 4d 3e',
      ipAddress = (str) [],
      macAddress = '00:50:56:99:6b:b3',
      connected = false,
      deviceConfigId = 4000,
      dnsConfig = <unset>,
      ipConfig = <unset>,
      netBIOSConfig = <unset>

The weird thing is that some of our VMs still display the real portgroup name, but it's maybe 1 out of 50, and I don't see a specific pattern among the VMs that still "works".

Have anyone else noticed this? The dvSwitch version is still on v5.1... not sure if that has anything do do with it, because this behaviour started with v10100.